Digest 10/26/20

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The Landscape With 8 days until the election is over, many elected officials are focusing on get-out-the-vote efforts in state and federal elections rather than outstanding legislative work on Beacon Hill. Across the country, early voting has been expanded because of COVID-19 and many are taking advantage of in-person early voting, with a record-breaking number showing [...]

10/19/20 Digest

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The Landscape Frustration with the lack of action on Beacon Hill is growing. Since the end of July, advocates have called for action on racial justice, eviction moratorium and housing rights, and driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants. Additionally, five major pieces of legislation, including an economic development package, transportation bond legislation and a complicated health care [...]

10/5/20 Digest

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The Landscape With 29 days to the election and the leader of the free world being treated for a virus that has killed over 1 million people around the globe, debate over the stimulus is taking a back burner – no matter how important it is to states like Massachusetts. Trump signaled his support for another [...]

9/28/20 Digest

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The Landscape There’s a fever pitch from advocates across the state for Beacon Hill legislators and Governor Baker to get more done. COVID-19 truncated this year’s legislative cycle but, with a promise from both chamber leaders to extend session until December 31 to finish needed conference committee reports and come to terms on a months-delayed state [...]

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