11/30/20 Digest

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The Landscape Governor Baker’s request that students return to in-person instruction in January has been met with hesitation, even as participating school districts receive rapid COVID-19 test kits this week. The 15-minute antigen test produced by Abbot Pharmaceuticals will be administered to students and staff displaying symptoms of COVID-19 in order to stop the spread and [...]

11/23/20 Digest

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The Landscape The Board of Elementary and Secondary Education will meet Tuesday to discuss, among other topics, the CDC’s removal of guidance pushing for schools to reopen. Last week, Education Commissioner Jeff Riley announced more than 130 qualified schools will participate in a rapid COVID-19 testing program. The 15-minute test was distributed to Massachusetts under a [...]

11/16/2020 Digest

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The Landscape On the heels of the House budget debate which resulted in, among other things, members of the House testing positive for COVID, the state Senate will meet in a formal session on Tuesday for the first time since July to debate its version of the COVID-delayed FY21 budget. Senate budget writers maintained a similar [...]

11/9/20 Digest

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The Landscape An unprecedented number of women will head to Beacon Hill in January for the start of the next legislative session. Sixty-two women, including 50 Representatives and 12 Senators, will in total make up 31 percent of the Legislature’s 200 seats. Including the turnover from special elections, next year’s women lawmakers will outnumber the 2019 [...]

11/2/20 Digest

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The Landscape  It all ends tomorrow. But will we know how? There’s a good chance we won’t. Thankfully, here in Massachusetts, Election Day should be a bit more stable. All 200 Massachusetts legislative seats are on the ballot tomorrow but only 50 of them feature contested general elections. Of the 160-seat state House of Representatives, only [...]

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