The Landscape

There’s a fever pitch from advocates across the state for Beacon Hill legislators and Governor Baker to get more done. COVID-19 truncated this year’s legislative cycle but, with a promise from both chamber leaders to extend session until December 31 to finish needed conference committee reports and come to terms on a months-delayed state budget, private and not-so-private grumbling is on the rise.

In addition to the outstanding conference committees for police accountability and racial justice, transportation congestion, climate change and the FY21 budget, many more issues are gaining traction with advocates and sponsors pushing for resolutions, including: eviction moratorium extensions, abortion rights, campus sexual assault, craft brewing, and nursing home regulations. With one informal session scheduled among the two chambers this week, it’s likely another week will pass with little public action.

With 35 days to go until the election, President’ Trump’s taxes are among the many issues that are sure to come up at the first presidential debate on Tuesday. Additionally, Democrats are focusing on the fate of the health-care law under the new shape the Supreme Court could take if and when President’ Trump’s nominee is confirmed.

In one of the hottest U.S. Senate races, Sara Gideon, the Democratic candidate running against incumbent Maine Senator Susan Collins, is showing signs she has a shot to win.

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