Project Description


HealthAlliance Hospital is part of one of the largest chains of health care providers in Massachusetts. The hospital’s top leadership was finding itself continually tested time and again with new waves of communications challenges — interviews with the media, presentations to the public and elected officials, patients, local residents and critics.


HealthAlliance Hospital asked Melwood Global to perform a series of intensive media trainings for 15 executives over a two-month period. Each training would feature a communications workbook created specifically for each participant with unique messaging in his/her area of expertise. The book would then be provided to each participant days in advance to allow for proper preparation before their individual on-camera videotaping and critique at the hospital.


Each participant was expertly trained over several two- to three-hour sessions and  received immediate feedback and analysis on performance with a private follow-up memo offering tips and techniques to improve further. The hospital leadership noted in weeks and months after that they were better prepared to handle future challenges because of the prep work, training and practice.