The Landscape

The majority of the Commonwealth’s schools are back in session today, whether it’s in person, distance or a hybrid model. The reopening comes after months of meetings, guidance from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, bargaining over air quality, infrastructure and safety concerns with teachers unions, contentious votes of school committees and professional development programs for educators to adjust to their schools learning model.

Social distancing guidelines, mask wearing and handwashing will be the first lessons teachers will establish with students. But many are wondering just how our children will adjust to this new normal.  “I don’t know if I made friends”, said 8-year old Ana Viera, a Milford public school student when recounting her first day last week. The experts are saying it’s safe to send your children back, with a caveat of course.

College campuses around the country are cracking down on students ignoring COVID restrictions. From Boston College hiring police details to shut down parties, to Northeastern dismissing 11 students last week for violating COVID-19 protocols, it’s anything but a typical fall semester in Boston.

On Beacon Hill as the legislature resumes meeting in informal session this week, many priority bills remain unresolved including police reform and accountability, transportation infrastructure, a comprehensive climate change bill, and of course, the elusive 2021 budget.

The News


FLOWER POWER: State botanist rediscovers endangered orchid not seen in nearly two decades.