Project Description


Heading into the 2015-2016 legislative session, the solar industry knew that reforms to the Massachusetts solar net metering policy, no matter how needed from the industry perspective, faced difficult hurdles. The Governor and House of Representatives made clear they were both more focused on decreasing costs or pursuing alternative strategies around hydro energy, wind and natural gas than solar in that year’s session.


Melwood Global joined a coalition of industry leaders coordinated by Vote Solar, a national, industry-backed advocacy group, to change the solar storyline and bring attention to the swath of projects stalled by a lack of action. Melwood integrated with the lobbying and public affairs teams in the coalition, educated the media and drove events, stories and other opportunities to upend the debate in favor of the industry.


In March 2016, a group of 100 members of the House and, separately, more than 30 mayors around the state came out in a series of stories orchestrated by Melwood Global to urge prompt action on the bill and support for the industry. The next month, Governor Charlie Baker signed into law a short-term lift of the caps, a victory for Vote Solar coalition.