Project Description


In 2008, Azerbaijan was an oil-rich strategic ally of the United States. And yet, this small country, located in the heart of a turbulent area, remained little known to the Western press, the public and elected leaders.


Melwood helmed a strategically targeted media campaign that focused both on Washington audiences as well as key demographics of the US to better tell the story of a successful nation. We focused on cultural and economic relations as the chief means of reaching audiences—through media opportunities, conferences and “soft power” events such as the unveiling of a major art donation to a US city.


As a result of our efforts, Azerbaijan—a  majority Muslim nation—was recognized and applauded for its important and long-standing ties with the Jewish community, for the nation’s contribution to public art in the United States, and as a key strategic ally for the West, both politically and in terms of energy security. Melwood secured coverage on these topics from strategically valuable American publications such as The Washington Post, UPI, the Boston Globe, and the Jewish Advocate.