Project Description


In late 2013, a little-known assistant Attorney General named Maura Healey decided she wanted to run for the state’s top law enforcement office. In late October, working with Melwood Global and a small volunteer team, she was the first to announce her campaign. Quickly, other candidates emerged and, ultimately, Healey faced an uphill fight against a popular establishment Democrat and well-financed Republican.


Melwood led Healey’s campaign communications, strategy, earned and social media from beginning to end and relentlessly drove the campaign to showcase Healey’s as the exciting, vibrant candidate she was – encapsulated in the campaign’s key branding of Healey as “the People’s Lawyer.” The campaign messaging showcased Healey’s significant experience leading on key issues of voter concern, her unlikely professional basketball career in Europe and her unique, grassroots appeal.


Taking the fight to her opponents and tirelessly campaigning around the state, Healey earned 12 of 13 daily newspaper endorsements and, buoyed by an award-winning ad campaign, easily topped the Democratic primary ballot and rolled through the general election to become the nation’s first openly gay Attorney General. She’s now a star in the Democratic Party and Melwood continues on in senior roles within her campaign team.