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Project Description


Since 2016, Melwood led a significant ramp-up of Attorney General Maura Healey’s digital and social media efforts ahead of her 2018 reelection campaign. The effort came as the Attorney General launched a series of statewide Town Hall meetings to help organize efforts to stand up for Massachusetts’ interests and values under the new Trump administration.


Melwood carefully crafted a new strategy to showcase the Attorney General Healey’s work through eye-catching photography, graphics, and video. To create a more consistent brand, Melwood’s team designed a variety of templates used for social media statements and quotes of note. Melwood’s team then incorporated cutting-edge technologies such as Facebook Live to better reach a growing digital audience. Melwood used the Live function at Healey’s Town Hall meetings, allowing the team to broadcast her message in real-time to Facebook users in Massachusetts and beyond. The team also live-tweeted the events on Twitter, engaging regularly with supporters and critics alike to carry on the virtual conversation.


The effort, coming as the Attorney General took a national stage as a first line of defense against President Trump’s efforts, make her social media accounts among the most widely watched in Massachusetts politics and the gold standard among state Attorneys General nationwide. In seven months, the Attorney General’s Facebook likes nearly doubled. Live tweeting from the AG’s town halls resulted in dozens of viral tweets, including one which was ‘liked’ or retweeted by more than 55,500 people. More importantly, this work mobilized grassroots support and increased name recognition, adding to Healey’s strength heading toward her 2018 campaign.

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