• President Trump threatens lawsuits amid battle with reporters
  • New economic relief bill for small businesses is now law
  • Next round of COVID-19 legislation could include additional individual stimulus checks
  • How long will the stay-at-home order be extended by Governor Baker?
  • The Boston Sunday Globe featured 21 pages of obituaries
  • Non-emergency medical visits plummet
  • BOS311 trades graffiti complaints for COVID-19 complaints
  • Today’s Bright Spot: Dr. Fauci got his wish


  1. President Trump lashed out at reporters on Twitter, threatening legal action against reporters and “fake news organizations” over the 2016 Russian election interference and a recent New York Times story on the President’s schedule. The reporting included unflattering descriptions of the President’s typical noon arrival in the Oval Office and terrible mood attributed to his usual morning marathon of cable television viewing.


  1. The fourth COVID-19 economic relief bill is now law, sending more support to small business across America with $310 billion earmarked to replenish the Payroll Protection Program (PPP). There was an outcry across the country after the first $350 billion for the PPP dried up and it was revealed that many large, publicly traded companies were the recipients – some of which then returned the funds.


  1. Over the weekend, Springfield Congressman Richie Neal discussed the next economic relief bill, stating he and his colleagues in Washington, “have been working on it.” Calling it version number four, Neal said the next bill could include another round of individual stimulus checks, additional funding for unemployment benefits and funds for hemorrhaging municipal budgets.


  1. Governor Baker is expected to extend the stay-at-home order set to expire on May 4th – but exactly for how is the question. The deadline was based on assumptions that the COVID-19 surge would have happened in early April and since hospitals are still seeing a significant number of new cases and deaths, the extension of the stay-at-home order and closure of nonessential businesses is in the best interest of the public. The Governor and public health experts have stressed that any lifting of the order will be phased and carefully orchestrated.


  1. Obituaries in The Boston Sunday Globe of those we lost primarily due to COVID-19 reached a high of 21 pages this week, up from 16 pages last week. As a comparison, this time last year the Globe ran seven pages of obituaries. There are some remarkable stories told on these pages.


  1. According to a recent report from researchers at Harvard University, many people are going without needed medical care out of fear of contracting COVID-19. While some appointments have moved to telemedicine, there has been a drastic decline in regular, in-person visits. In addition to threatening general public health, the drop is prompting layoffs and salary cuts to medical staff in both acute and outpatient settings.


  1. BOS311, the website and app where Boston residents can report nonemergency issues, is full of reports of people not wearing masks in public or practicing social distancing appropriately. Neighbors are frustrated with their fellow Bostonians not taking social distancing or the stay-at-home order seriously.


  1. LIVE FROM THE INTERNET….: Fauci’s hopes that Brad Pitt would play him on the little screen was realized this weekend with the heartthrob donning a wig and glasses for the role. Take a peek – and watch for Pitt jumping out of character for a deserved ‘thank you’ to the good doctor.