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Our Story

In the 1990s, John Boit, Jon Tapper and David Guarino were competing newspaper reporters covering the hotbed of Massachusetts government and politics at the State House Press Gallery. They all went their separate ways to pursue their own career goals – Boit serving as a correspondent in the former Soviet Union, Tapper in the United Nations Press Office in Geneva, and Guarino covering two presidential campaigns and later serving as a Massachusetts government and political spokesman.

In 2005, Boit and Tapper collaborated in Afghanistan on behalf of the United States Department of Defense to build a cohesive communications operation for the country’s counter narcotics efforts. Upon returning to the United States, the pair founded Melwood Global.

The past came full circle when this media “team of rivals” united in 2011 when Guarino, then leading the Boston Public Affairs division of a multinational public relations firm, joined Melwood Global as a senior partner.

With offices in Boston, Massachusetts and Washington D.C., Melwood Global represents clients across myriad interests and industries, from international development to education to the environment. It remains a firm driven by a passion for issues, living and breathing its motto: “Story delivered. Message received.”