22 Dec, 2017

Being Apolitical Isn’t Always An Option

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Sometimes you just have to go for it. In the past, all sorts of brands have publicly avoided politics in order to avoid upsetting their customers from blue and red states alike. Now, in the current political climate, it’s almost risky to avoid leaning in and participating in political debates, especially when these controversies involve companies’ [...]

4 Dec, 2017

Strategic Communications Toolkit: The Importance of SEO

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On the Internet, we aren’t people, organizations, or companies: We’re brands. Whether you are a startup, an established name, a for-profit business or a nonprofit venture, you are being Googled, and what searchers see is what (they think) you are. A lot of things can come up when someone searches your company. It can be a [...]

8 Nov, 2017

Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

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Last night, Twitter rolled out 280 characters for all users, doubling their previous 140-character limit. Twitter Product Manager Aliza Rosen explained the decision stemmed from data suggesting Twitter users frequently abandoned posts before hitting the "tweet" button because they were over 140 characters. We won’t know for a while if this was a smart business move [...]

6 Nov, 2017

Professionalism is in the Copy Edits

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A recent oversight in a small Kansas newspaper reopened a common discussion this week. What was meant to be an innocent story about students getting job experience turned into an NSFW headline, all because they forgot a dash. And the Internet went crazy. Of course, for my network of journalists and media managers, this sparked a [...]

27 Oct, 2017

Don’t Want to be an American Idiot

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It’s easy to bash the media these days and, for sure, they give a lot of reasons for many to do so. But the last two weeks have brought a fresh round of criticism over new social media policies put forward by the leaders of the print pack, The New York Times and The Wall Street [...]

20 Oct, 2017

Observations of an E-mail Marketing Junkie

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I receive promotional e-mails from no less than 20 different politicians, non-profits and retailers. My promotions folder on Gmail is probably 100 emails deep as I'm typing this. I didn't sign up for these mailing lists because I enjoy being hit up for donations every day or because I want "exclusive" deals on fall apparel. Instead, [...]

3 Oct, 2017

Post Truths

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After reading through another story about Sunday’s horrific terrorist attack in Las Vegas, I scrolled to the bottom of the article where bostonglobe.com – my general outlet of choice – lists related articles.  As a former journalist and still certified news junkie, I wanted more, regardless of how awful and depressing the news was. What I [...]

29 Sep, 2017

From the Toolkit: Making Communications Less an Art, More a Science

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We’re pulling a Taylor Swift and making some things clear about our reputation - this post is here to snap back at those who would say that strategic communications is all art, and no science. In fact, developing communications strategy is steeped in theory, hypothesis, and method. While creativity and flexibility are still key, communications professionals [...]

20 Sep, 2017

PR in the Fake News Era

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It seems like fake news is everywhere you look and it runs the gamut from hurricane shark to websites full of blatant lies and clickbait. It’s no surprise that people are getting a bit wary about where their news comes from. What may be a surprise, though, is how wary journalists are becoming. Journalism is, at heart, the pursuit of [...]

31 Aug, 2017

The Importance of Good Judgment in PR

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Arguably, nothing is more important to conducting effective PR than good judgment. Whether your organization is involved in a potentially controversial messaging campaign, or simply trying to raise awareness, the need for excellent judgment touches all aspects. Let’s explore just a few elements of PR requiring good judgment. When you speak publicly, your or your organization’s [...]