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Jessica Silva-HodgesSenior Account Executive/Director of Digital Strategy
Jess Silva-Hodges is a Senior Account Executive and the Director of Digital Strategy at Melwood Global. Jess is a skilled writer, graphic designer, videographer, social media strategist, and marketing specialist. Responsible for overseeing Melwood’s digital media operations, Jess has a proven track record of leveraging social media platforms to raise the profiles of Melwood’s political and non-profit clients.

Jess joined Melwood Global from the Tri-County Regional Vocational Technical School District in Franklin, Mass., where she was responsible for conceptualizing and implementing the district’s marketing and outreach initiatives.

Jess began her career at FOX 25 News in Boston as a writer and web producer. During her time at FOX 25, Jess provided digital news coverage of many high-profile stories, including the racketeering trial of James J. Bulger.

Fast Facts

  • B.A., Stonehill College | M.S., Southern New Hampshire University

  • Jess fell in love with journalism and graphic design while working on her high school yearbook.

  • A lifelong resident of the southern Massachusetts, she currently lives in Easton with her husband.

  • In her spare time, Jess is an avid reader of non-fiction, particularly U.S. history.

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